Protect your industrial network

Introducing flowNAC, a highly flexible and extensible real-time network security solution to control the access to authorized services based on the identity of users and devices.

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Visualize, control and improve your industrial network security

Now featuring a powerful dashboard

The securization of an industrial network is complex, time consuming and requires expert knowledge, where the visualization of the state of your network is essential. Our dashboard has been designed to simplify this process and gives you...

  • Improved visibility of your assets with our new network graph
  • Real time information of your network elements
  • Simplified and assisted onboarding of your devices

It is all about the switches...

flowNAC is much more than a NAC. flowNAC is automated VLAN-based segmentation and switch management. flowNAC is simplicity, automation and security based on your switches, the first line of defense in every network.

  • Network automation: reduce effort when configuring ports or managing VLANs
  • Support for multiple vendors and network configurations
  • Advanced debug capabilities, multiple security levels and integration with SIEMs
  • Support for OpenFlow and SNMP
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Managing your endpoints is easier than ever

Use our onboarding assistant and our set of tools to easily incorporate your endpoints into the application. No matter if they are users or devices, just let flowNAC be aware of them and handle their access policies.

  • Assisted onboarding of endpoints and massive load through CSV files
  • Manage multiple endpoints at once with groups
  • Special support for critical devices
  • Authorize and block traffic from endpoints on demand
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Troubleshooting is no longer a trouble

You can easily troubleshoot your network with a set of tools we make available for you in our platform

  • Detailed log of infrastructure behavior
  • Audit changes performed on your assets easily
  • Advanced debug capabilities and integration with external SIEM

Control your deployment

Keep track and control the status of your deployment from our UI, with updated information about the integration with external aplications and services.

  • Centralize the information: check your deployment’s status from our UI
  • Integrate with MS Active Directory and other AAA solutions
  • Generated data is yours: enable event notification to external elements
  • Change settings on the fly without leaving the administration panel
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Visualize network elements automatically and their interconnection to help you understand the status of your network

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Identity-based access control

The access to authorized services and critical assets depends on users' and devices' identities.

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Zero-trust model

Only the traffic that you explicitly allow will enter your critical network

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Fine-grained traffic control and micro-segmentation to minimize the exposure of your assets

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Intent-based networking

Network configuration and security deployment is abstracted using latest SDN and Network Automation technologies

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Event-driven network automation

Network devices are automatically configured based on the elements connected to the network

How does it work?

how do we do it

Initial assesment

Our team of expert network engineers and security consultants will asses the security requirements of your company

Data gathering

Exhaustive analysis of your actual network traffic will let our experts provide you with a detailed overview of how flowNAC can help you minimizing risk

Assisted deployment

We will assist you through the whole deployment and commissioning process


Our team of expert operations support engineers will be available for you to solve any problem

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